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Terminals & Wiring

Bus Bars

How and where to use Bus bars to simplify wiring

CM100 Number Reference Record

Pre printed blank table

CN162 Dual / Single Polarity Terminal Block

Circuit ideas for the Mini CN162 Terminal Block

CN163 Connection Log

A Printable Log to record wire destinations

CN163 Connector

Wiring diagrams for the 25 way Terminals block to 'D' type connectors

CN165 Distribution Board 18 way

18 Positive and 18 Negative connections or 36 of one polarity

CN166 Distribution Board 14 way

14 Dual outlets with 3 ways to connect the incomming power

CN168 One Input 5 Fused Outputs

A 5 way Fuse Board with 1 Master Fuse.

FB169 Fuse Board 8 individual fuses

An 8 way fuse board for voltages up to 48v AC or DC

JC251 Table Connection Kit

A kit complete with 1m 25core cable and a Male & Female 'D' connector board

MR230 Terminal Block 3 way

A 3 IN & 3 OUT terminal block for all those short wires

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