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All About Points

3 Way Junction Wiring

Wiring & Signalling at a 3 way junction point set.


How does a Capacitor Discharge Unit work

How and why a CDU does what it does


How to wire a Double Slip

Instructions on wiring a Double Slip using different types of Point Motors


MR204 and Automatic Point Control

How to wire a MR204 to control a set of points automatically


MR204 and Electrofrogs

Wiring the Electrofrogs using the MR204


MR216 Anti Collision Crossover

Wiring a crossover so that the other track is isolated.


Peco SL-E99 Point Set Wiring

Wiring the Peco SL-E99 Point Set


Set up a Programming Track Section

Introducing a Isolation switch to seperate a track for programming Locos


Using Toggle Switches with Solenoid Points

Wiring Instructions for single and multiple point motors


Using a CDU with an MR204 to switch points

This shows how to wire a CDU unit when using a momentary switch and MR204


Wiring A SEEP Point Motor

Full instructions on how to wire a point motor when you have a CDU Bus Bar


Wiring Point Motors

Instructions on how to wire all types of Point Motors from Solenoid to Slow Motion


Wiring two PL-1000 with one Double Pole Double Throw switch

How to wire a crossover Point Set with two PL-1000 & one Double Pole Double Throw switch


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