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How To

How does a Capacitor Discharge unit work

Short instruction on how and why a CDU does what it does


How to Isolate Tracks or Sections

How and why you may need to Isolate certain tracks


How to install a Bus Bar

Detailed intructions on how to install the different types of Bus bars


How to wire LEDs

Instructions on how to wire single colour, bicolour, triple colour and more


How to wire Solenoid type Point Motors

Wiring different types of Solenoid point motors with toggle switches


How to wire a DC Plug or Socket

Instructions on all the different types of DC Plugs and Sockets


How to wire a Double Slip

Full Instructions on how to wire a double slip using different types of Point Motors


How to wire a Point Motor

Instructions on how to wire all types of Point Motors from Solenoid to Slow Motion


Switch on your Layout

In depth description of all the different types of switches that can be used on your layout


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