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Automatic Circuits

AB333 DCC Automatic Breaking System

Automatically stops the Train in a controlled area on a DCC system


AS303 Automatic Shuttle

Automatic Shuttle with time delay stop at each end


Automatic Point Control

Control a set of points by the Loco with Reed Switches


Automatic Shuttle with Timer

Using the MR204 to create an Automatic Shuttle unit with an added timer for the stop times


Automatic Train Stopping

A series of circuits showing how to stop & start your train on the Layout


MR204 as an Automatic Shuttle

Using the MR204 to create an Automatic Shuttle unit


MR352 Station Stop Timer

Automatically stop the train in a Station or anywhere for a predetermined time.


PM111 Diode Matrix User Instructions

Full Installation and user instructions for our new Diode Matrix


Simulated Long Tunnel

Sensor stops the Train in a tunnel or other area for a predetermined time and then releases it


Station Stop using a MR204 + manual start

Wiring diagram showing how to use an MR204


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