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great component lets me ensure live frog plus l.e.d. Indication on mimic panel. Fairly pricedthumbsup Ian Black
I use this panel to return my signalback to red. A push button sets to green and after a set time it returns to red. heart Jim Jeffrey
A useful component which does what I need to do. Having linked terminal blocks (say 10) in a straight line, like a chocolate block strip would have been even better for the wiring arrangements Malcolm Edgar
Bought one to replace a competitors item that had failed within 2months, had been repaired and failed again after 2 years use, Much better power you can hear the difference. Reliability throws a 4 point string. thumbsup
MR355 pre-assembled timer. Excellent product, previously had self build version, only extra £2 for pre-assembled version - must be a winner. Should not really mention other suppliers but they are more expensive for self build version.
It's piece of kit that works in the background so you don't know It's there but you shouldn't be without it. Well worth it.
Well made, very good price and it works well
What a fantastic idea. Treated myself to the Titfield Thunderbolt DC set for Christmas, and would look lovely on a branch line on my end to end layout.
Really useful connection point for multiple outlets e.g common point for LED street lights. Thoroughly recommended and a very reasonable price too.
A great product now installing my third one
Great companion for those railway projects, very informative and an easy read, super quick delivery and well packaged
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