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2 Aspect Signal Control Circuits

Various way to control a 2 Aspect Signal


2 Wire 2 Aspect Signal Circuits

Information guide to wiring signals that only have 2 wires


3 Aspect Signal using Toggle switches

Wiring diagram using a single toggle switch to change a 3 Aspect signal


3 Aspect Signal using a Rotary Switch

Application & Instructions on how to wire a Rotary switch to controll a 3 Aspect Signal


3 Way Track Junction Signal Control

Wiring & Signalling at a 3 way junction point set.


Automatic 2 Aspect Signal Control

All you need to know about 2 Aspect Signal Automation


Automatic 3 Aspect Signal

Application and wiring Instructions to wire 3 Aspect signals


MR204 Home and Distant Signals

Wiring a Home and Distant Signal from one MR204 connected to a set of points


MR204 Point Signal Indication

Circuit shows Indictor LEDs for position of points and correct Signal Aspect


MR211 controlling 2 Aspect Signal with CDU

How to wire a 2 Apect Signal using a MR221 with a CDU in the circuit


MR221 Controlling 2 Signals at Points without CDU

Application circuit


MR313 Switch controlling a 3 Aspect Signal

How to use a Mini Toggle switch to control the 3 aspects of a Signal


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