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Brimal Part Numbers

BY354 Battery Holder with 2.1mm Plug

Data Sheet & Dimensions

CD105 'Titan' Capacitor Discharge Unit

Full operating Instructions

CN166 Powered Terminal Black

Data and usage Information on the CN166

DD104 Power Diode 1N4004

Specification Data

EM120 Panel Mounting Voltmeter or Current Meter

Specification and Application Data

EN202 Desktop Enclosure

Dimensions and Specification

MR110 Diode Matrix for Coil Type Point Motors.

Full operating Instructions for the Diode Matrix

MR204 The amazing MR204 and its uses

A few of the 80 applications of the MR204 on your layout

PC010 Universal Prototype Board

A Template to help layout your circuit prior to fitting to the board

PC010 Universal Prototype Board Examples

Examples of circuits used on the PC010, more to be added

PM111 Diode Matrix Template

Full size board and Truth Table to design your board before soldering starts

PM111 Diode Matrix User Instructions

Full Installation and user instructions for our new Diode Matrix

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